THE IWA STORY – The Next 10 Years

Another 10 years of the unique learning, sharing and friendship that IWA promotes have whizzed past, and we are now 35 years old. It seems the kind of landmark that deserves to be celebrated and commemorated. Even for an institution with a massive ability to reinvent and refresh itself every year under new leadership, these last two years have seen IWA pass through monumental change,
as we went completely Online.

This volume was put together during lockdowns, without access to our Archives, depending on whatever data and photos could be dug up at home, and on the memories of Past Presidents. There was a relentless chase for data, even scouring social media.

This book builds on the shoulders of the one that has gone before, continuing the story where the other one left off, and awaiting the next pairs of hands that will keep the story rolling forward, year by eventful year.

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To commemorate our Silver Jubilee year we published this book, paying homage to the 25 glorious years of our unique, vibrant and ever-evolving organization. Long hours were spent pouring over old Newsletters, sifting through photographs, penning chapters and making numerous phone calls to verify facts. It was a momentous endeavour.

The book remains a celebration of beauty, cherished memories, events that live in our hearts forever, and above all, of the enduring bonds we enjoy at IWA. The strong threads of diversity and friendship through which we explore and share ideas with each other, are reflected continually throughout it.

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The pages of both books are filled with photos and text, of course, but also with the softness of memories, the warmth of friendship, the excitement of learning new things, peals of laughter, and loads of gratitude for all the happy times.

Join us on this part of the odyssey of Discovery, and look ahead to many more years of insightful revelations and the limitless possibilities of IWA.